The energy monitor extends the Coqon product range in the field of energy management. It can help you,
identify weak points in your house (e.g. imbalance in the distribution of phase consumption or "energy hogs")
and get an overview of your energy consumption in order to work on achieving higher savings.
to achieve.

Use your self-generated energy in a targeted manner only when your PV system generates enough energy.
Your energy monitor tells you when there is enough energy available.

Set self-defined threshold values in Coqon and only give releases for the use of various "energy guzzlers",
if sufficient own energy is generated.
In order to increase the usefulness of the monitor, Coqon has designed it for two use cases and adapted the software accordingly.
adapted accordingly. The energy monitor can be used both for measuring the energy of individual fuses within one
phase (phase monitoring), as well as for the entire energy network in your house (house connection).

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