Heating and cooling

A comfortably tempered home where energy consumption is right, regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside.

Using the appropriate controls from Coqon and the simple integration of underfloor heating and radiators, you can regulate the temperature at any time directly via thermostat, remotely via app or via freely definable schedules.

Light control

Light anywhere you want it.

With Coqon, you can control light according to your needs: on movement, via app
App and voice commands, by schedule, on an event or quite classically with your existing switches and pushbuttons. Our wireless switches integrate perfectly and invisibly into all common switch series: with Coqon, you and not the connection determine where you want the switch.

Whether existing installation or wireless switch: with Coqon, the classic operation and the diverse functions of the smart home system always complement each other perfectly.

Energy management

Keeping an eye on the environment and the energy bill.

With Coqon you can monitor the energy consumption of individual devices or the entire house and optimize consumption.

Monitor the production of your photovoltaic system and switch devices according to the available energy.

Shutters and windows

When the first ray of sunshine announces the new day.

Control shutters, windows and awnings conveniently via push buttons, the Coqon app and voice commands.

The Coqon light sensors detect too much sun and control your blinds automatically.


There is no place more valuable than your home.

The combination of sensors and cameras takes care of your home even when you are not there. Automatic notifications give you the secure feeling of having everything in view. If you don't have a fixed Internet connection, the cellular option is an attractive addition.