The solution

Take a seat.

Your smart home is taking shape.

Coqon: one system, one app, many possibilities.

If you want to enter the world of smart home and make your house safer, more efficient and surprising, then you are in the right place!

Coqon is a reliable smart home system that is designed for the need and the intuitive control of devices and set up of rules via the app it is possible, Coqon can be ideally adapted to any housing need. Whether it is a single-family home, an open-plan office, a vacation home, a rented apartment, a doctor's practice or a retail store, whether it is a new building or a retrofit: Coqon offers an individual solution that works reliably and does not require any conversion work for installation.

Discover the components

German Cloud

No contract commitment

Continuous updates

Modular system

Wide range of components

Partner products

4 different radio protocols

Multilingual app

Freely programmable via app

Installation by specialist tradesmen

Remote maintenance

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The Qbox is the intelligent heart of Coqon: it connects sensors, buttons, actuators, heating components, adapter plugs, thermostats, sirens, cameras and numerous partner products. It is controlled via the app, classically by switch or pushbutton, and via rules and time programs. If the Internet connection should ever fail, the system continues to function locally.

Coqon App

Intuitive and easy for all devices: whether smartphone, tablet or PC - the Coqon app allows you to control and monitor your home from anywhere.

With the Coqon app you set up new devices, create programs and rules, control heating circuits, switch lights, open and close shutters, access your cameras and even turn on the music.

Push and email notifications and the extensive functions of the alarm system, provide security and information even when you are on the road.