Coqon is safe.
Coqon protects your home at any time of the day and gives a sense of security both at home and remotely.


Coqon is efficient.
Coqon controls your heating, helping you save energy without sacrificing comfort and warmth.


Coqon is surprising.
Easily integrate the many supported products into scenarios with the Coqon app and customize your smart home.

Security, building control and energy management in one app.

Coqon is a professional system for home and building control.

The solution consists of a control panel, the Qbox, an app and a wide range of over 100 wireless components and partner products that let you manage heating systems, windows, shutters and lighting systems. Monitor your home's energy consumption and security through sensors and professional cameras.

Simply intelligent, comfortable and safe living!

Sustainable, secure and transparent.

Components designed for longevity, regular updates and the cloud function without contract commitment guarantee reliable operation of the Coqon system today and in the future. Thanks to encrypted transmission and servers in Germany, Coqon not only protects your home, but also your data.



A comfortably tempered home where energy consumption is right, regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside.


When the first ray of sunshine announces the new day.


Light anywhere you want it.


There is no place more valuable than your home.


Keeping an eye on the environment and the energy bill.

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My life with Coqon

Compatibility & Radio Standards

Coqon is versatile and future-proof. The system supports the world's leading encrypted wireless standards as well as a growing number of partner products from popular brands.

My Coqon

Do you already have Coqon? Click here to access the My Coqon web app.